Deprived of sleep & shit happens!


Haven’t had a good rest since last week!


Went for light dinner at East Coast Lagoon after i arrived Singapore from Bintan. By the time i get home, its about 10pm? Then i started unpacking my luggage and washed my clothes. By the time i went to bed, its 2am?



Went for dinner at Serangoon Chomp Chomp. The super big sized Sugarcane juice. How to finish alone!!!


Went prawn fishing at Punggol after that. And guess what, i fished a catfish! According to the staff, this catfish was used as a bait, and it has grown till so much. Scare the hell out of me, until i forgot to take a pic of it!

Was there for 2 hours and i only managed to fish 1 prawn, and the same goes for my sis. Sigh, its so hard to fish at Punggol, doubt ill go there again!

Reached home at 12 plus, and by the time i get on my bed, its 2am. And i started playing this game in my phone, Need for Speed. It was my first time playing and its so fun, coz you control the cars by tilting your phone left and right and not by the buttons. Played till 3am and i decided to go to bed.

Somehow i just cant get get to sleep that night. Took a peek at the time and its 5am. Gosh, i have no idea what time i fell asleep!



Went for dinner at Eunos and guess what.

This stupid baby lizard dropped down from the ceiling! Can u spot it?


Can’t see?









Went prawn fishing at Pasir Ris after that. Caught 10 prawns this time round, cool right! But wait, i spent 4 hours on that -_-“

Serene caught 7 prawns in total, but wait, 3 or 4 were caught by the ah neh staff there lor. Wa biang, 美女really got privilege one lor! Sigh, why am i not one!

Fished till 2plus, and by the time i finish feeding my dog and washing up, its 3am.


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