Sean’s Wedding 09.11.08

Attended Sean’s wedding at Furama RiverFront Hotel last Sunday.

It was exactly the same hotel where my sis held her wedding last year except the different function rooms. Sis was at Venus, while Sean at Jupiter.

Jupiter was relatively small, its 3 small connecting rooms opened up to make it a big room and it can only accomodate up to 25 tables max (i guess). Didnt like the room coz there were too many pillars! Venus was so much better, pillar-less!


The Gifts – Coaster and Handphone Holder



Before the bride and groom marched in, a video was played. It was basically their wedding photo shoots. The resolution was quite bad though, and color was fading; and the video keeps pausing for no reason! Was wondering if its due to the laptop & projector? Cannot be the video shoot so bad right?

Food was served after their first march-in and i would say the food was not bad. Dishes includes:

1) Cold plate

2) Sharks Fin

3) Roasted Chicken

4) Steam Herbal Prawns

5) Broccoli with scallop and mushroom

6) Steam Fish

7) Fried Noodles

8) Red Bean Dessert

And during my free time, i started playing “peek-a-boo” with Jayson!








 Bo liao i know, but ive really got nothing better to do!

Here comes the bride and groom for table photo shoots and Jayson made Sean drank only a small glass of red wine?

Best part is, groom doesnt know how to drink and got his sister to drink it for him instead.. Weird, doesnt he have brothers?


Dinner ended at about 10:45pm and we went downstairs for a smoke b4 we go to the carpark. After our smoke, we had to wait for another 15mins before we can go home and its all because of






Its Jayson la… PST.. Eat liao straight away PS!

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