Prep for Dan’s Birthday

Sis rang me up last night and suggested a game for Dan’s birthday celebration tonight. And as usual, she gives suggestion but never do the job!


The game

We are going to dump all the presents & “teasers” into a box. The birthday boy will have to draw for his birthday gifts after he wins a challenge against anyone of us!


The Teasers



Gift 1: Guess what this is?





A handmade strapless bra using padding, rubber bands, safety pins and binder clips!



Gift 2 & 3: Is this a pen? No its not, its tampon and stirrer!~




Gift 4: Cuff links?






Nope! Its the sole found on woman’s heels!




Gift 5: What’s in the red plastic egg?



Gift 6: Ang pow with Banana Notes!



Gift 7: Ang pow with Jimmy Lim’s 闪卡(Wa biang, this was bought during our primary school days! Found this in my sister’s cupboard! Can’t imagine she’s still keeping this! -_-“)



Gift 7: Ang pow with RP 1,200!



Gosh, and by the time i finish preparing the above




its 1:24 AM!


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