Tied up and humiliated on birthday !?!?

Read this post on asiaone.com and this is outrageous!

Im really wondering what’s on these youngster’s mind? Is that what a birthday celebration is supposed to be? Its a torture, its embarassing, so un-glam! Shouldn’t birthday celebrations be a joyous event, leaving you great memories of celebrations with your beloved friends and families?

Am wondering how sad the parents were when they came to know about this. If this happens to anyone around me, i’m sure i’ll give those bunch of people some whacking!


The news

Is this simply a case of a birthday celebration gone too far?


An enraged STOMPer came across a video of a group of Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) students hazing a female student in school, on her birthday.

In the video, the unwilling victim, clad in her uniform top and skirt, is tied to a chin-up bar by her “friends”. They then proceed to smear her face and clothes with cake and pour chocolate milk over her head, all the while laughing amongst themselves, disregarding the girl’s pleas for them to stop. At one point, the resigned birthday girl is seen breaking down in tears.

Says the STOMPer, who contributed the story under the pseudonym, “outraged”: “Chocolate milk and foreign substances stuffed into clothing is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. I am very enraged by this act.” “There is no way the victim is enjoying this.”

The final insult? The footage of the “celebration”, posted on a popular online video-sharing channel, was tagged with the word, “loser”.

 The cruelty that the students demonstrated as well as the blatant disregard for the feelings of another human being is indeed appalling. At one point in the video, a fellow female student is seen trying to free the victim. However, another student immediately shoved her hand away to stop her.

“Outraged” continues, “Although birthday pranks are generally harmless and for the intent of everyone having a good time, this has clearly gone overboard.”

Not only were the students, both male and female, guilty of participating in her humiliation, teachers apparently do not think such actions warrant concern as well. A staff member is shown in the video admonishing the students, not for humiliating the girl, but for making a mess of the place.

“Outrage” hopes the matter will be looked into, and that school rules be revised in order to ensure the safety of students.

Are such incidents harmless fun or an excuse to inflict torture and humiliation on others? Other reports on ragging incidents have appeared in the news recently.

On Nov 7, a video of a recruit being “welcomed” to a local fire station made its way online. In it, the recruit was hosed with water and tarred with shoe polish by his “tormentors”. However, the victim seemed to take the hazing good-humouredly, managing to smile and wave for the camera.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) however, has said it does not condone such behaviour, and will take strong disciplinary action against those involved.

In Korea, it is reported that college freshmen die every year from reckless initiation programmes during orientation camps.


Principal Mrs Kelvyna Chan emailed STOMP with this reply:

“I refer to an article put up by a STOMPER regarding a birthday celebration of an ACJC student.

“The College is aware of the incident which was a birthday celebration of a student who was popular with her peers. We understand that the student was prepared for the celebration, and that there was no malice nor bullying involved.

“When a teacher saw the celebration, he immediately stopped it and counselled the students. The birthday girl also assured the teacher that she was not hurt physically nor emotionally. Some weeks after the event, a teacher again enquired about the girl’s wellbeing, and she assured the teacher and the College that the celebrations were all done in good fun and she was well.

“Although the activity was done in good humour, the college has counseled the students involved on the possible hazards of such activities and that there are more appropriate ways to show friendship among their peers.

“The STOMPER had erroneously interpreted the video as a case of bullying when in fact it was a birthday celebration between good friends as seen by the laughter shared by the birthday girl and her friends.”

“What kind of birthday celebration is this”, wondered the STOMPer, disturbed by the footage.

See video here.

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