Daniel’s Birthday Celebration 14.11.08

Dan’s actual birthday was yesterday, 17th November but we celebrated earlier.

Where? Where else but Auto?

Who were there? My sis of coz, Gugu & Min, Roger, Joaelle & Me, My brother, Jeff, Alvin, Hyde

It was a hasty day for both Joaelle and me. We were supposed to meet for dinner at 745pm and as usual, the late queen was late. After dinner, we started searching for Dan’s gift at BHG, and we finally decided on a purple tie with a matching purple cuff link. We were searching high and low, hoping to find a pair of superhero brief for his birthday Teaser Game, but sadly, cant find any! We finally settled for a G-string at Bugis street. Rushed down to auto (by bus coz there were no cabs!) since it was already 10pm! Shag!


 Just as i was resting at a corner, i spotted these 4 hiding at a corner singing.



Dan’s best friends since young, Alvin and Hyde a.k.a. Tin Tin!


& they thought they were handsome.. -_-“



And we started the Teaser game







His first draw – I managed to get a Pierre Cardin Box from Roger last minute! Both Dan and Hyde thought they were really cuff links! Hehe~~ 



Dan’s 代表Alvin! And Joaelle Loses -_-“


 Dan gets an Ang Pow! Our leftover Chilli sauce from MOS Burger earlier on and 林志颖闪卡!

p1010710  p1010711

Hubby Vs. Wife and Wife wins!


So Dan drinks!


Game Paused!





Coz its cake cutting time! Nice cake frm Marriott!


And this is the last year Dan’s gonna be in his twenties. And i thought only gals love cam whoring, but somehow Dan likes it too!

p1010717 p1010716

& just as we were singing Dan a birthday song, look at what his best buds were doing. Tin Tin looking at phone and Alvin looking at Tin Tin, simply bo chup! 😡



Wat a big breath he took to blow out the candles! AS if there were 29 candles but there’s only 11!

p1010721 p1010723

Cake Cutting. Look at his smile, machiam promoting for colgate!


Coming up next





3 secs from the martell bottle!

吹喇叭! 吹喇叭!



Followed by Alvin & Tin Tin

p1010729 p1010730

And the Teaser game continues





Got a little toy


He got the second prize!




Next.. A Stirrer


Look at his smile, so happy when he got this prize… The box is so convincing ya! But too bad, its a tampon!

p1010743 p1010744

Next, banana notes and RP 1,200!

p1010751 p1010756

And the GRAND Prize of the Day!!!


Tada!!! A Birdie G-String!!!



p1010763 p1010765

And finally, a toast from me to the B-Day boy! Boy? did i just said Boy? Gosh, i must be drunk. Its Old Boy!



A smoke break cum camwhoring session after the hooha!



p1010769 p1010776p1010775 p1010774

And we presented him our gift after the smoke break! Hope he likes it!


And shortly after





He starts to get high! and drunk!

p1010780 p1010785







Starts puking!


Rested for 5 mins…


And starts puking again -_-“


We got no choice but to go home since he’s so drunk.

Waiting for pick up along the roadside & this was exactly where we waited for Dan to pick Roger up when he got drunk on his bday!


Im not letting him off even when he’s so drunk. Continue snapping!


When we finally got him to walk up to the 4th storey…

He starts to puke again! And me? Happily snapping and snapping! 🙂

p1010804 p1010805

and lastly








I’m NOT letting u off even when u are home!


By the time we left his place, it was


And i thought i should just take a shot of this when i was walking back!



Nope, i didnt go home after this,  i went to Sebai Sebai at Shenton way to look for Nicky and Serene. And we partied all the way till 4plus?

Crazy Chiongsters -_-“

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