Pasir Gudang 15.11.08

Its Pasir Gudang on Saturday night together with Jayson & wife, Ah Yong & wife, Hudson & Gf, Jeff, 2 other guys and me.

6 cars in total, and i tell u… i hate to go in groups like this coz the guys will just start racing and this really scares me!!!!

Purpose of the trip was to visit the different garage! Sianz! Followed by night race at Johor Circuit.

Cost per head to enter the night race was RM 10.00 and RM 20.oo per car that will be joining the night race.


There were many cars, from both Singapore and Malaysia. Malaysia’s car are mostly Proton Saga and their car looks so ugly and old, but speed was fast! 真的是车不能冒相! Singapore cars ranges from Hyundai Getz, Honda Fit, Subaru,  Honda Integra & Civics and are generally nicer and cleaner of course! But then, speed wise, much slower! I even see a Malaysia Pick up racing lor! Wa kao!



Only 2 cars to race each time and the distance is only a few hundred metres.

For manual cars, the highest gear you can go up to will only be 3rd gear!

A view of the race. 

p1010812 p1010813

I gave it  a shot too! But i was driving auto car lah, so definitely lose out!


The long queue.



& we’re finally next in queue!



After experiencing the race, i dont understand why ppl enjoys it. Race distance was so short and its only a straight road! Well, maybe i was driving auto, maybe i should just try driving manual cars next time round. but damn it, all their gears are short shift gear, i dunno how to use! And even if i do, i guess i might just “死车” due to lack of practice!

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