Asia Pacific Food Feast 17.11.08

Its Asia Pacific Food Expo 2008!



APFE presented an impressive international arena from all over Asia including Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, South Australia, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey in our last three shows while the numbers of exhibitors also increases yearly. And look, it includes Processed Food!

一度赞 Hunt is back again!





Went down to Expo after i knocked off and i went alone ok. Can u imagine how desperate i was??

The place was super crowded, there were many stalls and i had to open my eyes wide to spot my 一度赞!

Got to know from one of the stall holders that there was a stall right at the back which features Taiwan food! And Vroom….. chiong ah!!!





And this was wat i got. Didnt find any 一度赞! 😦 According to the Taiwan stall holder, he says AVA does not approve 一度赞 to be imported! $#%@#%#$


p1010834 p1010835p1010837 p1010838

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