Supposed to meet my evil twin, uncle boon and gang for a house party + Insomnia last night and this was planned weeks ago lor. Omg, why do i have to fall sick at this time? I must have missed out lots of fun.. grrr…

Sick since ytd morning, must b the aircon at work lor, freezing! Its endless sneezing and sneezing, sneeze until i giddy! Went home after dinner and i straight away fell asleep at 7 plus! Woke up at only at 12 plus this afternoon. (Already took leave for today coz i thought ill be super tired after a night out but shit it was wasted, boo-hoo!)

Went for lunch and to the doctor in the afternoon.

Doc: Hi XX, what’s wrong?

Me: Sore Throat, Blocked nose and flu

Doc: So u need mc for today?

Me: Huh? today im on leave, tomorrow can?

So, i’m on mc tomorrow! Woo~



Sickly me has been lying on my bed for 20 over hours and counting. Feel like going out, but too sick to move around, haiz.

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