No Public Transport!

Taking public transport to work is a NO NO for me!


I hate it coz its always so damn bloody squeezy (the nearest bus stop from my home is the 2nd last stop to interchange), and ppl just try to get on the bus even when its already so full! And worse of all, the guys who dun even heck care if u are a gal will still push u like crazy! i myself experiened being squeezed like hamburgers with my face sticking on the window. How cool can this be!


Same thing, its forever damn crowded and squeezy, and things get worse if someone with BO is standing beside you with their arms raised. Eeuuuu.. puke!

I can never balance myself on trains, when i have nothing to hold on to.

Can u imagine that MRT seats are already full when im actually taking it from Tampines? And SMRT are still cutting down on the number of seats per train! Used to have 84 seats per train but they are gonna cut 1/3 of the seats! wth!


Sigh, im facing a BIG problem! How am i supposed to get to work next time! I have not taken public transport to work for years! Since my first job, like 5 yrs ago?

Am looking for private bus / anyone carpooling? Any contacts??

Btw, its Tampines to Tanjong Pagar!

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