Jewel Box 02.12.08

Reached jewel Box at 11:15pm last night.

And i simply love the decor!


Blue (my fav color) + White Theme!


Headed straight to the toilet when i reached Jewel Box but was stopped by the staff.


Me: Sorry, i need to go to the toilet

Staff: Mdm, We are charging an admission fee of $9 per person, which includes a free cable car ride. And you are not allowed in, EVEN TO THE TOILET, if you dont pay the admission fee.

Me: Wat! So what time do you close?

Staff: We close at 1am.

OMG, so damn pissed, cant even go to the toilet w/o paying! And who the hell will take a cable car ride at 11plus at night! And the ride is about 30-40mins, and by the time we finish the ride, we are left with an hour or so for drinks !?!?!?

Since it was already quite late and we were lazy to move to another place, we settled in.

And we took the cable car ride.. and waoh fantastic views!





of Expressway


& Construction


It was so dark, cant see much.

But i spotted this place which seems quite nice! Need to check it out when i have time. its like an island but there’s a “bridge” where you can drive across.


After 30-40mins of cable car ride, we finally got to Sapphire.


Took us ages to get the attention of the waiters. Felt as if i was transparent for that moment -_-“

& We Ordered a bottle of red wine.


Me: Can i have some ice, the wine isnt chilled?

Staff: Ok, im gonna get a chiller

Me Thinking: Then wat happens to the wine in my glass? am i supposed to leave my glass in the chiller too -_-“


Finally got the ice i wanted and started chit chatting, discussing abt our vacation plans for Dec. Then came this waiter at about 12:20am,


Staff: Hi, We will be closing at 12.45am

Me: I thought you close at 1am?

Staff: Ya, we close at 1am, but we need to start clearing at 12:45am so that we can close at 1am

Me: But we were told that you’re closing at 1am so thats y we ordered a bottle of red wine! How are we suppose to finish it in 20mins time? When is the latest i have to leave?

Staff: 12:50 or 12:55am


Wa, so damn pissed with the service. And they still dare to charge me 10% service charge for the wine. And i thought, i must complain!

Upon walking down the stairs, we saw a Feedback box, but its just a box, no pencil/pen, and no feedback forms!

I am really super duper pissed lor.

I doubt ill go back to Jewel Box again (if i had a choice).


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