Orchard & Vivo 02.12.08

Yesterday was a busy, unhappy and happy day.

Had to make a trip down to Taka Tower A to settle some stuffs for my new job. And i thought might as well make a trip down to LV with Serene.. Hee =)

It was raining so heavily last evening and i was lucky enough to get a lift from Jayson from Changi to Bugis! I took a train to Orchard hoping to save some cab fare and i totally regretted it!

Some fat ass, thinking that they are very slim chose to squeeze into the train which was already damn bloody full. I was just standing near the exit door and this F**king fatass just dun give a damn and squeezed in! Wtf! I was squeezed like a hamburger once again! & worst of all, my hands were all full (left hand with bag, right hand with laptop!) and there was nothing for me to hold on to!

Next stop, City Hall interchange… and i got pushed by those who tried to get out of the train, and mostly were men ok! Wa Kao, why dun you push that fat ass, why push me! She’s taking up a bigger area than me!

 Faintz! I hate Public Transport!

Went to settle my stuff at the Office Tower and next stop… LV! And i finally decided on Alma, and i got it (It was partially sponsored for Xmas and Bday! =) Eee.. Ha! I thought i’ll be excited over this bag for quite some time but apparently, excitement ended after ive paid for it. -_-“

Nicky came over to pick us up for dinner at Vivo City after that… and i saw a very pretty tall Xmas tree!

I love Christmas trees!

p1010931 p1010936

Went to Jewel Box after dinner…. and more complaints coming up!

Stay tuned!

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