Arena 03.12.08

Reached home at 10:15pm last night and i received a message from my evil twin at 10:44pm saying “Arena?”

And by 11:15pm, im already waiting for a cab to UE Square to meet her and 阿扁 for Session 1 at Rain.

Rain, a pretty nice KTV Pub located at UE Square and the best thing is, it has a smoking room in there too! Its the usual singing, pool-ing, drinking. We left Rain at 12 plus and headed for Session 2 at Arena.

Many were there last night, 阿扁’s usual Indian and Chinese Khakis, old and new faces, one fat drunkard, one 不要脸 irritant, pest, trash!

Fat Drunkard – Damn, this guy is seriously drunk, cant even balance himself when he’s sitting down. And super touchy.!

 不要脸 irritant, pest, trash – This guy, simply wordless, i first knew him through Nicky and subsequently realised he’s the trash which my BQ gang told me abt. He almost got into a fight with one of the waiter after arriving Arena for less than 5 mins. How we wished he got chased out from Arena so that we dont have to see him! And this bugger, spilled drinks on my back (i was wearing tube ok).. #@$!#@%, dunno if he did that deliberately coz i dont think he’s drunk!

Didnt drink much last night coz ive not recovered from my flu n cough, and so, i get to see the drunkards perform! As usual, the guys start hugging among themselves, dancing like crazy, and 阿扁 dancing like munkee… haha just kididng.

And when we went foor our smoke break, 阿扁 pulled up his shirt to show off his SUPER DUPER BIG BLUE BLACK at his Neh Neh. And i swear, this is the LARGEST one i’ve seen. I shall not go into details on how he got that… 😡

 Left Arena at 2plus.

And im super tired today!

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