Plan for the day:

Meet Joaelle é Katek and Dotty é Hippo for dinner followed by Christmas shopping and lastly Autosports.

As usual, plans dont work for late comers. Joaelle and Dotty were supposed to meet at 6:30pm for dinner @ Bugis and me at 7pm as my office was the furthest from town. I ended being the earliest to reach at 6:35pm, Dotty at 6:45pm and Joaelle, took the wrong bus and went to Keypoint instead.

Katek, was that a double decker bus and you’re too short to see the bus number issit! -_-“

Anyway, since i had time, i went to take a look at the Xmas tree



After dinner was shopping and only Dotty was enjoying it. Me and katek were just shadows… Tiring!

Reached Auto at about 9plus and its games and drinking again… Just as we were at our peak of getting people to drink, there came a waitress with a bottle of Chivas. Guess what? It’s Katek’s admirer, 一见钟情!!! Only saw Katek once at a chalet and he’s here in person to buy her drinks!

But 帅哥, 可惜的是, 你真的不够高, 又不够帅. 你不要想太多了!!!

& Katek, 不要乱乱放电!!!


Yvonnne says she’s gonna get this for me on my birthday!





我真的有那么会吐吗? 有必要这么大吗? -_-“

and i decided to put it over her head.



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