Luncheon meeting

Interal Executives from China in town last friday so we had to arrange luncheon! Bento set lunch from Stamford Catering!

The Setting


Visitor’s lunch


SG Internal Executive lunch



The difference? Execs from China gets additional can of diet coke as requested.

Lunch hours supposed to be 12:45pm – 1:30pm but their previous meeting over-ran till 1:30pm! Wa biang, sibei ho gong!

I had to sit outside the room and wait for them to come down for lunch as seating arrangement has been planned.

老板都还没吃, 我哪里敢去吃? -_-“

Finally had my lunch at 1:45 pm.


And i suddenly thought of sharing this:

1. 老板绝对不会有错,

2. 如果发现老板有错, 那一定是你看错.

3. 如果我没看错, 一定是因为我的错才让老板犯错.

4. 如果是老板的错, 要是他不认错, 他就没错.

5. 如果老板不认错, 我还坚持他错, 那就是我的错.

6. 总之老板绝对不会有错, 这句话绝对不会有错

(做下属的每进公司前, 面对公司大门念以上句子十遍, 包你没错!)

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