Narcissus 10.12.08

It was a night at Narcissus with Khun Chattapong Serene. Had my dinner at Outram area and decided to drop by to look for her.

And i thought i should be staying for just an hour or so BUT (ya.. its always the but….) I had fun playing games with the singers and… they were so damn funny when they sang  the song 哪是我有一百万 (Na Si Wa Wu Ji Ba Ban), their dressing super o-biang lor!

A blurry shot by Khun Chattapong Serene


End up staying at Narcissus for 3 hrs plus.

And Awww…. traces of being tipsy last night.




I need to go for mani & pedi again!

This only lasted me for 2 weeks plus… it should have lasted for a month at least! Sob, gonna waste $$$ again 😦

Grrr… I need to stop drinking!

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