Friendster Virus ???

Havent been logging on to my friendster account as there weren’t much updates as compared to facebook.

But recently, i have been getting email notfications from friendster saying that my friends have left me a comment.

And this was what i have been receiving for the past 2 days









And its not just once but many times ok! Wasted my time to delete it off.

What the hell was that? i havent clicked on the clips though. And i realised im not the only one who gets these comments. i’ve seen the same clips on my friend’s profile too..

Hm.. im just wondering how this works… Does it mean it’ll get posted on all your friends in the list once u click on the clips?

Weird.. Can someone check this out pls ?!

I’m beginning to wonder if my friends get these clips from me too. But if u did, it wasn’t from me!

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