My Weekend 12.12.08 – 14.12.08

A  re-cap  of my outings last week





Its Sakae Sushi @ Bugis followed by Autosports again -_-|||.

Only 4 of us were there, Dan & Dotty, Joaelle & Me.

It was the same games we were playing and the same songs that we were singing. Am wondering why we can continue doing the same things w/o getting bored. Or are we too bored until we don’t get bored of what we were doing?

Dotty and Daniel left quite early that night. And when they left, we’ve already finished half a bottle of Chivas, 3/4 bottle of Martell. Joaelle and me continued drinking… till 3 plus!! We finished the remaining bottle of Martell + 1 jug of beer.

i think we’re gonna die of alcohol poisoning one day. -_-|||



Went for my dental appointment on Saturday afternoon and i was late as usual! Keith’s gonna kill me sooner or later 😡

Went to Uncle’s place after that and slacked till 11pm!

Met friends at Sabai Sabai at 11plus and i saw Kaiwen and Sherwyn there too. I think they are gonna convert their nationality to Thai sooner or later too… just like Khun Chattapong Serene -_-“

Kinda liked the band at Sabai Sabai, they were very uniformed in terms of dance steps and dressings. Not to mention their powerful vocal and the handsome & pretty faces. Woo~



Made a trip down to Sim Lim Square coz some1 wanted to repair his laptop. Grrrr, woke me up at 1pm just for that!!!

Went for lunch at Cafe Cartel and i ordered a combo set of Chicken chop + linguine. Guess what, i only had 2 small slices of chicken chop and a small mouthful of linguine, and i eventually gave up coz i cant bite! End up drinking cups and cups of water to keep my stomach full 😦

Went shopping at Marina Square after lunch and i simply love their decors!


Loves the purple and pink theme.


Am so in love with Purple!



Went prawn fishing at Jurong after that, all thanks to Khun Chattapong Serene. She has been haunting me for that.

My first catch.


Didnt dare to catch the prawn, so i used the chair to “step” on its left tong, and used the fishing rod to “step” its right tong, while waiting for help!

Sadly, this was also my one and only catch! @$@$@%

This is really record breaking can!

How unlucky can i get? 1 stupid prawn for the entire 3 hours, gosh, i wanna cry!

Thats about it for this weekend :\

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