Batam 16.12.08

Yuhooo Everyone ~~~ I’m back!

Haven’t been updating my blog for the past few days as i was away in Batam. And yes, its the four non-swimmers at the BatamView Beach Resort again!

This was basically a sleep-eat-sleep-play-sleep-eat-drink-sleep-shop-sleep trip.

Not many pictures were taken as most of my time was spent on eating and sleeping! But then again, what’s there for me to take in Batam!

Enough of losoing, let the pictures do the talking





Rushed home to pack before meeting Katek on Monday night!

My Pig Sty :\




 I almost missed my 10am ferry on Tuesday as i went drinking with Katek Joaelle on Monday night till 3 plus!!! Super Shag!

Couldn’t find a seat in the lower deck of the ferry as we were the last few to board, I didn’t know ferries could be so pack on weekdays! All thanks to the gamblers!!! We only managed to find seats in the upper deck which was open-air, and i cant take my nap!

 After 30mins of sun tanning, we finally arrived at Batam…!

Saw this Xmas Tree @ the Lobby


And here’s our room… 508! 4D anyone? 0508 ? 0805? 0085? 5080?


Free upgrade to Deluxe Room, courtesy of Citibank! 🙂


Views from room. From the left…. To the right & “Zoomed” Sea View

p1020033 p1020036p1020118


Fell asleep soon after checking in till 3plus in the afternoon. Only woke up for lunch at 4pm

My Nasi Padang — but i only ate the chicken wings and egg coz i still can’t bite! -_-“



Booked a cab to Nagoya after lunch and while waiting for the cab @ Lobby… Spotted these cute doggies?  Not sure what it is too, but it looks cute!


and i decided to take a photo with it!



Nagoya was pretty boring.. Nothing much to shop… Didn’t see anything i like… But we can still shop for an hour plus before we had a light dinner at A&W. Went to hypermart after dinnr to get cup noodles, beer, tit bits etc…. Followed by a Balinese-Thai Massage + Body Scrub!


I meant the scrub… Skin feels so much smoother after the scrub though it was painful throughout the process. Didn’t really enjoy the massage coz the masseur who was attending to me “eat snake”! She didn’t massage my lower back at all whereas the rest of them had it! Angry! Angry! Angry! My lower back was where i needed massage badly 😦

Left w/o giving her tips… Angry!

Went back to the hotel after massage…. had cup noodles, and fell asleep!


~ End of Day 1 ~

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