Batam 17.12.08

Its Day 2!

Woke up at 9:30AM looking forward to a sumptuous breakfast!

BUT shit, Disappointment was all i got!

I asked for soft boiled eggs and this was what i got





Nbz, i think i can do better than them lor!


Didn’t eat much, cant bite still. Only had a couple of hot dogs, a mouth of harsh brown and beans.


Their service was super slowww…  Limited food choices for the buffet breakfast…. 

The one and only good thing about the place





was being able to smoke in the restaurant!



Went back to sleep after breakfast… Woke up at 12 plus in the afternoon and we were all fired up for Sea sports!

Yesshhh! Sea Sports! Sea sports! Sea Sports!

We’re going Banana Boating and Jet Skiing!


Me and Serene with the over-sized life jacket!



Banana Boat!

8hnh 7hbg7

This was our first try! Panic…! Kept telling the staff– Slow Slow, no capsize…  Regretted minutes after we went out to the sea, we kept shouting to the staff who was driving the boat — “Faster Faster!” And halfway through, the staff suddenly stopped the boat and… he took off his life jacket and started waving it to the staff onshore for help! And he told us “engine-problem”!  -_-”  Luckily all was well, engine revived and none of us fell into the sea! Fun! I wanna try it again BUT no slow slow this time… It has to be Fast Fast but still no Capsize!

Next was Jet Ski and they didn’t allow girls to drive it as the waves were too strong! Sad. No photos were were taken, even more sad 😦 Jet Ski was fun~ But it was freaking cold!!! Love going against the waves but i hate it when the water gets into my eye, pain! I’m glad i didn’t fall into the sea coz Khun Chattapong Serene did.. Haha… But too bad, i didn’t get to see it!


Its Dinner Time!

After 40mins of ride from the the hotel, we’ve finally reached Golden Prawn 555!



& this is where you pick the seafood! Can u spot the big fish on the bottom right? It’s about 7 feet!


We Ordered











& this strange looking creature. Dont know what this is, but since it looks like a mixture of baby lobster and prawn, i’ve decided to name it The Bastard 😡



Super huge coconut! But it’s not sweet and it’s sour -_-“



& here comes the food! Im famished!



Went to Hyde’s discotheque (locals pronounced it as Disco-take)after dinner… The Geese Glitz Club!



Funny Signage at the entrance


I think they put up the signage for fun only… Coz i was wearing slippers and no one bothers


Thought this was a Thai disco thats why we went to check it out.  But to our horror, it became an Indonesia Disco!!! The Singers were singing Malay Songs lor!

Had a hard time communicating with the waitress




We: Hi Sorry, Can we have dice pls?

1st waitrees: Dice?

We: Yes Dice

1st waitress: *Scratched head and walked away* Got a 2nd waitress over

2nd waitress: Yes Sir?

We: Can we have dice pls?

2nd waitress: Dice? *Walked away* and got a 3rd waitress to come over

3rd waitress: Hi, can i help you?

We: We need dice

3rd Waitress: Dice?

We: Nvm its ok

3rd Waitress: Dancers?

We: Forget it. *Faintz*


Hyde came shortly after and  told him the joke. Kao, we want dancers for wat sia! Drank till 1plus and we went back to hotel to sleep.

~End of Day 2~

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