Batam 18.12.08

Its our last day at Batam and guess what?





All of us overslept till 11:30am!!

We missed our breakfast and we were supposed to check-out at 12noon! Immediately called the reception and asked for late checkout at 1pm. Shit, i thought i can try banana boating and jetski for one last time 😦

Our ferry is supposed to leave Batam at 4:30pm, so we have a good 2hours plus for lunch and slacking around!

And Khun Chattapong Serene insisted on a few last shots before we leave.



Reached the ferry terminal and we went to the super “lock kok” (run-down) DFS .

Saw these products with funny names , “Teng Teng” “Pang Pang” & “Ting Ting”?



.Pang Pang Black Sesame Crisp (Direct Translation: 香香black Sesame Crisp)p1020150

Ting Ting Peanut Candy (Direct Translation: 叮叮Peanut Candy)


Teng Teng Peanuts Candy (Direct Translation: Hard Hard Peanut Candy)p1020151

Am just wondering wats the diff between Teng Teng & Ting Ting Peanut Candy. Arent they all peanut candies?


And lastly, i don’t know how Indonesia Immigration works but my passport was already stamped even before i got into the checkpoint.


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