Yimian’s Birthday Celebration 19.12.08

Its Yimian’s Birthday Celebration on Friday night!

But Sorry,  i wasn’t invited to his birthday celebration but they told me they know i’ll be at Auto for sure! So what does this mean, i 不请自来 afterall!?!?

Anyway, it so happened that there were 3 December Babies born in 1982 within the group! Eddie on Dec 8, Yimian Dec 23, Me Dec 28!


A last minute mini cake from me due to the last minute notification.



Some Random Pics





YiMian trying to be funny. Mouth open till so BIG!


Pi & Eddie loves Lacoste


Me & Eddie


Me and TianMing. Does this tell u i’m high once again!? I have no idea why i did that! & I don’t remember doing this till i looked thru the photos the next day! -_-“


Shit, i hate him, so much taller than me. I feel like a katek!


& Im pissed with the following pic!!!

Not sure if its Pi-ster or Eddie who took it! Made me pose and









My face is missing from the pic! Only left with my hand and watch 😦


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