Christmas 24.12.08

I thought i have just celebrated Christmas at TienMing’s place not long ago with Quan and gang. Time flies and its Christmas again! And this year, we were at Autosport!

Attendees include Dot, Dan, Katek, Roger Labbit, Min, Ah Mah, Von the Ladyboss of coz, and me!

Balloons Balloons and Balloons, all over the place, from the front door all the way to the toilet.  Its nice to see, but i really hate the bursting!

Drinks Drinks and Drinks, everyone drinks like mad. Everyone is drinking Martell like crazy and Min drinking Green Tea like a lunatic 😡

Autosport organized a lucky draw and every SGD 50 spent entitles you to a lucky draw coupon. We odered 2 bottles of Martell @ SGD 188 each but we’ve got 8 coupons  赚到哦!

It was pretty fun that night except for the foams and sprays…. We eventually hide at the backalley to countdown coz we dun wanna be sprayed! So cool right, countdown at the stinking backalley. No photos taken that night though. Only managed to get 2 pics from Von’s fb a/c.





The Ladies in Black, Mummy in Grey


Ladies and Mummy with the “gay” in “gray”


Oops, Roger Labbit is not a gay lah… Just teasing him.. BUT he is still my sister!

Sadly, we didnt win any of the lucky draws, and damn! A customer who ordered only one tower of beer got 2 of the prizes lor.. Lucky Shit.

Luckily Ah Mah was 争气,she got the 1st prize during the last draw and it was $300 cash.

Now guess wat









She got drunk and lost the cash in the pub!

Ah Mah, 你也太不小心了吧!

Wa biang, i should have just stalked her throughout the night. 

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