Souffle 26.12.08

A pre-birthday celebration organized by my Sis!

We went to an interesting placed named Souffle located at Boat Quay, just few shops away from Shin Bar. This is a so-called ladies nightclub… erm… BUT please DON’T imagine it to be like a nightclub at Geylang, its TOTALLY different! We don’t squeeze, kiss & F***, we only drink, sing and play (play as in 5-10 or directions)!



The place

They have hall seats and 2 ktv room, charging at SGD 60.00 for 3 hours usage. Room charge will be waived if we order 2 bottles of liquor minimum.

The Drinks

Quite sad as they have limited choices. No Martell/Chivas, only wine, cocktails, mocktails, beer, Hennesy and McCallum, etc! The drinks were a bit over-priced, $60 for a jug of beer! $198 for McCallum! Of coz we went for McCallum! Didnt bother to find out the pricing for the rest coz we ain’t interested at all.

The Boyz

All were tall, but not all were handsome, but still more better looking than those you see on the streets everyday lah. The boys were quite young, mostly in mid 20s. Charges for the boys would be $35 each for butterfly services, meaning, they will come and entertain you on and off. IF you want them to entertain you for the full night, it will be $100 each.

The night

Sis booked a table at 8pm and we went down straight after dinner. We were pretty excited and our excitedness  soon ended when we found out that they would be opening at 9.30pm instead due to a function that overran previously.

We then proceeded to Auotsport.

It was 9.30pm, and we dragged our feets to Souffle coz we were quite unhappy with their service, in a way. We booked the table at 8pm, and they dont even bother to give us a call to inform us that their opening hours will be delayed until we called them?

When we first stepped in, i felt so awkward. The place was so quiet, everyone was whispering like a mouse! We took a seat at the table, and we started having question marks over our heads





“I think we are gonna spoil the ambience”

“I bet we are gonna be the noisest table”

“EE.. why that guy not handsome one”

“If the not handsome one come over, can reject or not ??” 

Then came a man who asked for our orders.. and thru him, we got to know that there were rooms available and we opt-ed for rooms coz we really feel very restricted when sitting in the hall.

Before the boys came





Can you imagine how bored we were? Playing with the dice stool (and mind you, this dice doesn’t have a 6) ? But we still play until very “song” lor!


Soon, 2 boys came in and my friends & sis immediately introduced me as the “Birthday Girl”. Then they came to sit beside me, on my left and right. So pai seh lor!

Then we started chatting.. drinking and played games… and Sing! I asked Mr D., one of the boys to sing a song “Wei Ni Er Huo” with me and he says he can sing, and i was so looking forward to it coz i LOVE the song! Another guy even commented that Mr. Dthe KTV King! Wah, drool….

The song finally came after minutes of wait and






We burst into laughter when he started singing, totally off key lor, omg. My katek can sing so much more more more betta than him! Anyway, I had to continue singing coz i really love the song… Seldom have the chance to sing coz some1 is always vying with me for it! And i must say, MR. D is really PROFESSIONAL lor, so many people luffing at him and he can still continue singing! *kudos to Mr. D!*

Knowing it was a birthday celebration, the bartender came with 5 or 6 shots of Sex on the Beach and it was on the house. Not bad hor!

Soon, we finished the first bottle of McCallum and we ordered a second bottle coz we were having so much fun! Von doesnt drink McCallum, so she ordered a jug of Long Island Tea.! She also dedicated her favourite song “Mercy” and everyone started dancing except for the one and only Mdm. Uncooperative Dotty. And my chanting starts… 😡


Sidetrack a bit, i think i have many different stages of drunk-ness:

Stage 1: I start to talk loudly

Stage 2: I start to pour more liquor than mixer in a glass

Stage 3: I start chanting! *di di niam di di niam!*

Stage 4: Burst into tears for no reason

Stage 5: KO

If you have been out drinking with me, i know you will want me to stop drinking at Stage 1, or just get me drunk at Stage 5. Coz stage 2-4 of me is scary!


Some Random Pics





Seriously, i cant remember what happened that night coz im already on auto-pilot mode after the first bottle. Can’t recall much as not many photos were taken, the boys didnt want to take lor! Aiya, anyway nvm… respect them… Else their photos will be all flooded on the net!

Anyway gals, i had FUN, and Thanks for organizing this.

I know this post has been way overdue… and many other post too!

Iwill try to catch up!

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3 Responses to Souffle 26.12.08

  1. Felicia says:


    I’m thinking of holding my friend’s hen night at Souffle. I have called round and searched the web for their address and telephone number but have not found anything except your blog about them!

    Do you have their telephone number or their address? Can you send it to me please?



    • 1ynn says:


      I dont have their number and their exact address.
      It is located along South Bridge Road, few units away from Shin Bar.

  2. MZ says:

    lol….why u talk so cute de

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