It has been a week since i last logged in.. been busy. I have so much to complain, but i got no time for that…!

Let me do a short one for now — About Work!

Oh Gosh, im so stressed up with work.

This is my 12th day and i still feel like a total idiot.

There are so many questions in my mind, and there are no answers for me. There’s no one i can turn to for help. And even when i finally found someone for help, the answers that they gave me are not of much help.

You must be wondering… Didnt the previous gal do handover? Yea, there is, but the handover was done by a temp auntie (who was here for a month). The original secretary who was here for half a year had left since November! Everytime i have a question for the auntie, she will say “Sorry i have no idea, coz i didnt have the opportunity to do it as all bosses were on leave”. Kaoz, got answer machiam no answer. Anyway, cannot blame her too.

Sigh! Poor me has beem struggling for 2 weeks, and STILL STRUGGLING. I feel so useless, cant even get a simple job done.

Just imagine the company firing me even before i get my first pay. -_-“

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