Outstanding Posts

1ynn is so bz! & she has so so many outstanding posts that she wanna post!She is simply too busy to log in during weekends, and she dont even have time to peep in during office hours!

My outstanding posts includes:

1. My birthday celebration

2. My Year 2008

3. New year’s eve celebration

4. My Year 2009

5. My fucking new LV bag got stolen by a fucking murthurfurker!

6. My new job, a 360 degree change

7. My baby cousin Chanelle’s bday celebration

8. My uncle’s birthday celebration

9. Im a receptionist, ccb!


My list is getting longer and longer. And i seriously have no idea when i can finish blogging them all!

You must be wondering why i have time to blog now! Thats because im standing in for the receptionist who is on leave, and i have nothing better to do now!

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