Year 2008

A year has passed and im glad to say that year 2008 has been quite a smooth year for me.

Things were going on well generally ie. Personal, Work, Luck, $$$, Etc. Ive also got my driving license within a year! 🙂

This was also the year where i travelled most. Ive been to BKK, Desaru, Bintan and Batam. Though these were mostly short trips,  i truly enjoyed myself! Ive also tried many new things which i’ve never thought i would dare to.  For e.g, Jetski and Banana boating!

I also started going to Thai discos and made a few Thai friends. Learnt a little Thai language too… But i guess, the number of words that i can speak are less than the number of fingers that i have 😡

Ive got a new Maltese too! & I’ve named it “Monster”

The only sad thing that happened was Lassie leaving us on May 10, 2008. Still feel sad whenever i thought of him :~(

Not much complaints for Year 2008 except that i can improve by managing my financials better!

Kudos to 2008, it has been a great year (Except for Lassie).

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