Autosport 13.02.09

The usual  group / drinks/ singing / unusual game! @ the usual place.

Thanks to my 吃饱没事做 Dotty for planning a super bo liao game!!!!!!

Now everyone knows what “style” i like !!!




Check out the yellow bowl with stripes of paper – it contains super boliao and highly P&C questions!!! Needless to say, the finger belongs to katek!


Tmd Dotty, might as well include questions like:

After making a big business in the toilet, how do you clean your ass? Lift your butt Sideways and clean, stick you hands from front to back or back to front and clean?




Our answer sheets! Do you see a BIG “KATEK” written on it?



Some random shots

Time to trim my fringe, its getting long!




Posing for Darlie / Colgate adverts?


& I demanded a proper shot! but still his smile is still quite “colgate”!


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