Rain 18.02.09

Bugged Katek for drinks as i was super stressed with work!

Met her for dinner and shopping at Bugis after work followed by KTV @ Rain! UB joined us at 11plus @ Rain too!

Reached Rain at about 10.30pm and the place was pretty quiet, only 3 tables, including us.

Waitres: What would like to drink today?

Katek: Chivas?

Me: Huh, Chivas? Martell or beer can?

Katek: No, i accompany u out tonight, so i choose.

Katek: Waitress, 1 chivas pls.

没礼貌的家伙, didn’t even give me a chance to object!


Started playing pool with Katek and the initial bet was 1/2 – 1, meaning foul half glass, loser one glass. Bet was raised to 1 – 2 after that! Not long after, 3 guys came and sat next to the pool table and eventually challenged me at pool! Was totally disgusted by their sickening remarks ie. 哇!放手啊! Played with 2 guys in total, won 1 and lost the other, and i told katek, i need to make a trip to the toilet, cant stand their nonsense.

And when i came back, Katek told me that one of the guys actually introduced himself to her ie. “Hi, I’m Leslie” and katek simply ignored him. And i immediately told katek:

You should have told him “Im Lesbian!!!”


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