Double C’s 06.03.09

Supposed to meet Katek and UB at Rain on Friday night but the plan eventually failed when




Me: Can we have the table near the pool table?

Waitress: Yes, you can, but you have to order a a bottle in order to get that seat.

Me: Wtf? We came on Tuesday and we opened 2 bottles, and we still have 3/4 bottle left!

Waitress: Sorry, thats the rule for Fridays.

Me: Forget it Then!

Wa kao..! Since when such rules apply?? Is this how they are supposed to treat their customers? What if i dont want to purchase a bottle and i wanna order 20 jugs of beer instead?!?! Dick Dock Rule, knn.


Accompanied Katek and UB for dinner after that, while thinking of a place to go.

Wanted to go to KTV but there were limited KTVs at Mohd Sultan!


Ended up at Next Page as we were too lazy to travel around.

Realised that there was KTV within the pub but when we asked the waiter, they say its for Members only!!! Shit, pissed.

10mins later, we were glad that the KTV Pub was for members only. Coz the songs that they sang were so damn old!!!

Katek and me then concluded, the membership is solely for Senior Citizens!


Went down to Double C at Boat Quay after a jug at Next Page.

This was wat we were left with after 40mins.


We finished the tower in 1.15hrs! Damn, that’s fast! UB, can you slow down next time!!!

Spotted some damn funny pictures on the wall, and i couldn’t help taking a pic of it!






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