Busy Week

Just realised that i’ve neglected my blog for a week!

Been busy ever since i’ve switched jobs -_-“

A re-cap of what ive been doing






Got “buttered” by boss @ work . 好冤枉啊!害得我吃不下晚餐,只吃了五支Satay和半盘”Orr Luah”!

Played Command & Conquer @ High till 12am.




Awful Korean BBQ Dinner at East Coast, thanks to my sis for the recommendation! Expensive and not nice lor!

Drinks with Katek @ Stanley’s. The usual “i wanna go home early!” and always end up going home only at 1am.



Mahjong at Nicky’s place.

Nicky 一脚扫三脚, won 100 over dollars and 40 was contributed by me!



Prawn Fishing at Bishan for 2 hours and caught a total of 9 prawns.

Followed by Mahjong session at Nicky’s place.

I 一脚扫三脚 but i only won $15.00!!!! 嗨,大家都是人,为什么我的命就是没人家好呢?



Autosports as usual.

At about 1am, I was drunk and i insisted on going home by myself.

Katek didnt allow, so UB held on to me and didnt wanna let me go and i BIT Him!!! Hahaha.

The Biting Scene

(ps. The conversation they had while i was biting his hand and didnt let go till minutes later!)

UB: Wa Wa Wa.. (Ouch!) So how now, let her go home?

Katek: Hahahahahhahahaahaahahaha

Dotty: Wuahhahhhahaha, 拍照!拍照!

Me: Continue Biting

UB: Continue WA Wa Wa Wa

Katek: Continue Hahahahhahahaha

Dotty: Continue Wuhahahhahahahah



Forgot where ive been to -_-“.



Super Sick.



Went down to Amanda’s workplace to highlight my hair.Finally!

Followed by Le Bar @ Cantonment Road. Drank till i dropped!

Jokes of the Day

1) Have been losing @ games and i didnt drink much when i fouled. Katek insited that i drank more but i told her “No” coz i will get drunk and she will have to send me home again, and she will start complainig the very next day. Katek replied and said “I don’t care, just drink and i wont complain!” Since she said that, i drank and i really got drunk — and i was v drunk 😡

2) Katek was so nice to send me home but she didnt know where i stay!  Started calling my friends and asked what my address was since i have yet to replace my stolen IC!

3) I asked for a plastic bag when i board the cab. And according to Katek, i was puking and puking and eventually fell asleep while holdig on to the stinking plastic bag! And when i got off the cab, i spilled all my “stinking pukes” in the cab! 😡 Sorry Uncle!!!

Katek’s reaction : “Why bother getting the plastic bag when you will eventually dirty the cab! Or maybe someone should invent a plastic bag specially for drunkards whereby there will be two rubberband at the ends and the drunkards can just hook on the bag to their ears and mouth directly in the plastic bag!”

4) Katek told taxi uncle that she will need to send me back home and Uncle offered to wait for her downstairs not realising that my puke are all in the cab. And Katek said “Knn, i gottta take the smelly cab all the way back home” Hahahha!


Still Sick, noseblock + non-stop coughing

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