Hit by a car!

It was a Tuesday morning where i was so busy with work and i could only squeeze out some time to walk over to  Tanjong Pager Complex to buy a farewell card for my colleague; and this was to be presented to him during the farewell lunch together with the gift i got from Risis, on the same day!

Finally got the card i wanted and decided to get some food as i was super hungry, too bz for breakfast! So i got myself fishball and i happily stuffed one of it into my mouth and started chewing. Walked to the traffic light infront of GE Tower, still munching happily, my phone rang and it was an sms. Lifted my head up immediately and saw the traffic light (for pedestrians) turned green. So i started crossing while attempting to read my sms.

Within seconds, i felt a vehicle approaching and i thought it will stop but apparently i felt something is just not right and i tried to “Siam”, and the next thing i know — pain! and fell, Blackberry / Fishball / Handphone / Card flew! Watch scratched too, heart pain !!!

Damnit. the first question that i asked myself, am i dead? And i dont think so coz i felt the pain. But i was in the state of shock!!!

A passerby helped me up while the driver still stunning in the car until seconds later. As soon as he got off the car, he was practically dragging me on my arm asking me to go to the hospital for check up. I retailiated and said : “Leave me alone!” He basically dont understand what i said and continued dragging. I flared up and shouted “Leave me alone! Le me calm down!”

I immediately rang up my colleague and asked her to accompany me to the hospital. Thank god, i didnt suffer any major injuries except for some abrasions and aching on the thigh. (Am wondering if im lucky or unlucky!)




Doc: Whats your weight?

Me : 44

Doc: You’re underweight

Me: Yes i know but dun worry coz im not on diet

Doc: Do you excercise regularly?

Me: No i dont, i take running up and down the office for smoke breaks as an excercise coz i make quite a few trips in a day

Nurse: Aww… how i wished i could be like u.


Joined my team for farewell lunch after the check-up and i was bombarded with questions, How it happen, Why it happen, were you jaywalking?

Stressful lunch -_-“

Damn sway. And guess what my boss told me




Boss: Hey are u a Buddhist?

Me: Erm ya…

Boss: Dun u think u are very sway this year, bag stolen and now hit by car. i think you better go to waterloo street and pray for luck.

Me: (Thinking) TMD, 为什么要提我的伤心事!

Me: No i usually go to Loyang 大伯公.




In the end, i headed to Loyang 大伯公same evening! 宁可信奇有,不可信奇无!

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