A Happy Weekend 07.06.09

It was a fruitful Sunday!

Woke up at 2:00 PM (a Miracle isn’t it!) and couldn’t find anything to do.

Decided to wash my clothes to kill time … and suddenly recalled that i havent got any red tops to match my favourite red heels!

Went over to Far East later in the afternoon hoping to find a red top to match it!






Shopping = Retail Therapy = Happiness + Unhappiness (When i look at my bank balance!) = Damage to Pocket

My buys!




Loves this top! Damage = $35.90


Skirts for work from Osmose!  Damage = $59.80


This is a great buy! 50% off, from Osmose as well! Damage = $14.50


A must buy on a shopping spree from Heatwave! Damage = $35.90


Time to change my ugly looking Cosmetic Pouch.. Damage = $19.90!


It caught my eye as soon as i stepped into the shop! Damage = $28.00


This one as well! $28.00


Sigh, bought so many things and none was in red! Damn, thought i was supposed to look for a red top!

Total damages for the day = $222! + $10 (Shawl) = $232

Oh Gawd ! GSS GSS GSS!!!!!

I’m so in love with it!




Headed for dinner at Hooters @ Clarke Quay as i was craving for fresh oysters!

After much ding dong, we finally got a smoking table and decided on what we wanna order!

Me: “Can we have a dozen of oysters please”?

Waitress: “Sorry, all our oysters are aold out”

Me: “Oh my god, i came here for the oysters!!!”

Eventually left Hooters and started searching aimlessly for restaurants that serves Oysters!!!!

Didnt mange to find anything until Katek told me Wine Garage serves it!

So off we went




White Wine from New Zealand


1st round = 6 Oysters (It aint enough!!!)

2nd round = 4 Oysters!

The oysters were Yummy, Grade 2 from France, but damn ex! SGD 6.99 per piece!!!!!


Some shrooms, yummy!


Prawn pasta.. Looks disgusting because of the coloring from spinach but Yummy!


Great dinner! Am so loving it! Loves the place, food and service!  But i dont like the price, lol! Its slightly pricey!





Went down to Autosports after dinner to look for Katek and UB and drinks all the way till 1:00AM!

A Happy Sunday (“,)

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