1-for-1 Buffet Dinner @ Cafe Brio’s 29.06.09

Aww… Haven’t been to a buffet dinner for a long time as it’s too expensive in my opinion;

i mean, how much food can my stomach hold?

Thanks to Missy Serene for informing me about the promotion, $56.00 for 2 to dine inclusive taxes — cheap ain’t it?

Though there weren’t a wide spread of varieties, I still had a fulfilling dinner because they serve my favourites — Oysters & Salmon Sashimi!!

Had a total of 13 oysters! Slurpp~~!

Not a big fan of desserts though!

A random pic.. not very clear coz i took it with my iphone!

My poor camera which was less than a year old is faulty and lying at the service center now!


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5 Responses to 1-for-1 Buffet Dinner @ Cafe Brio’s 29.06.09

  1. Nicole says:

    Where is this??? I wanna go. I have craving for oysters for the longest time! Hahaha.

  2. Nicole says:

    Alright thanks so much. 🙂

  3. kyley says:

    hi !! do u have any idea of whether the 1-for-1 uob offer in this buffet still on? i am so gonna bring my bf there for his 24th birthday! =D

    • 1ynn says:

      Hi, am not sure if the promotion is still on — you might wanna give them a call to check — anyway, prior reservations will have to be made for the 1-for-1

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