Arena 12.06.09

Yep, Lin’s @ Arena on the following Friday night again. Same agenda as the week before.

1st stop: Auto

We had a special guest at Auto that evening ~ it was SxxM(Can you imagine an Indian who doesnt understand our language sititng in a Chinese KTV Pub???). But he got a little tipsy coz he was very bad at Beer!

After 1 beer tower for UB and SxxM , we left for Clarke Quay!

Joke of the day

UB, Katek, SxxM and me were waiting for cab outside Auto. Cab stopped, SxxM hopped in whilst we were walking to the cab (not very far,  just few steps away) and guess wat….

Cab driver drove off without waiting for us and UB’s immediate reaction was to give chase and started tapping the boot of the cab!Me and Katek as usual, luffing away —  the sight of UB chasing and shouting at the cab was hilarious!


2nd Stop: Jello

Gang met us at Jello as they wanted to try out this new place as well. It was a Chivas night.


3rd Stop: Arena ~ Woohoo~

It was a Henessy + Martell night — i have to admit that i puked at Arena =x

But i have to STRESS that i wasnt drunk, just tipsy!



I didnt know Indians practice 交杯酒as well!


Last but not least, why must everyone cover their face when taking pics!! Grrr…


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