NiTe Out with the Accomplice! 29.05.09

Gosh, this post (and many other as well) is way overdue!

It was a night out with Katek on a Friday, just the two of us!

You must be wondering why we weren’t at Auto on a Friday?

Well, we were there initially but since both Dan and Dot left pretty early
(about 1 plus), the two alcoholics continued their night @ Clarke Quay!




First Stop

Forbidden City, but we did not take any pics 😦

It was a relaxing one, i remembered having Long Island Tea and Katek, a bottled beer. We have been chatting about eveything under the sun for an hour at least!


Second Stop

It was 3AM and we still dont feel like going home, so we started searching for a nice place to hop in.

This was the day where we first stepped in to Yello Jello, a retrobar @ 3.30AM!


Katek loves the music @ Jello and she has been repeating that to me for countless time!

And at 3:43 AM, we were done……


………. but we’re still craving for MORE drinks!


3rd Stop

 Where else but my favourite spot — Arena!

As it was pretty late, the club wasnt very packed and there were MANY empty tables. We then casually picked one table and guess wat







Pity & friends were just sitting right behind us!

Fun & laughter begins with his presence, as usual!






 Smoke Break




Common hand sign/language when alcohol content level gets too  high in the body!


It was time to go home @ 5:15 AM. 

Bleh! :p



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