NiTeOuT with Katek 24.06.09

As usual, Katek knocks off late in the evening and me, as early as five plus.

Gosh! Went for hair treatment while waiting for her and im $100 poorer!




First Stop: Red Dot

That was my first attempt at Red Dot, havent been there before. *mountain tortise*

It was a bucket of heineken and the usual chats and craps.


Second Stop: Yellow Jello

Beer again. With some games this time round. The place was simply too noisy for chats.




3rd Stop: Arena

Seriously, we were not supposed to be at Arena as UB and gang were there celebrating their friend’s bachelor night.

And i have no idea how we ended up being there — most probably my idea. ^_^

Anyway, it was a lousy night — all becoz of an idiot who left his balls at home – kept pestering Katek to drink and play games while she’s busy and made me drink a glass of Chivas with no mixtures and ice!

Vow of the night: The next time we see that idiot, we make sure he drink till he die!




The DJ


Katek bz playing five ten.


And i cannot recall why i gave him a Kanaji, must have provoked me. lol



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