Balaclava 16.7.09

It was Balaclava with Katek on a Thursday night!

Managed to get a seat at the smoking area ~~ Cool!

Ordered a jug of beer and this was how they serve beer???

Picture 005

Kaoz, the foam was like 4 fingers tall!!!!

Kaoz, i wanna drink beer and not cappuccino!!!!










2 groups of guys came over to join us — wanting to know Katek !!!!

Initially, we were seated at the smoking area — chatting, playing and drinking. When we were finishing our first jug, a waiter came with a jug saying its drinks on the guys at a few tables away. Of coz, we rejected the drinks!

Moments later, one of them came over with 2 glasses in his hand saying he couldnt finish the jug he ordered (for us) and requested that we drink one of the glass. Fine, we entertained and finished one glass in minutes! Both Katek and me then said we were going to the toilet and shifting to the tables inside and he asked if he could join. Out of courtesy, we had no choice but to say — sure. -_-“

Off to the toilet we went and crept back into Bala and tried to find the most 不起眼的spot, hoping that they wont see us! But tooo bad, they came in shortly after and proposed play five ten!

Wa biang, 没死过的家伙, 居然敢跟老娘玩five ten! Out of ten games, he lose nine lor!!!!!! Wahahha, ” Ao Kar”! not only he’s an “Ao Kar” he is also a “Chao Kar”! At the fifth game, he jio-ed me half glass per game and i on, he lose but drink one sip??? Knn, keep giving me crap excuses saying he needs to drive , drank a lot liao. Kaoz!

See how that drunkard “Ao + Chao Kar” pour the beer for us!




Wa kao, that is half glass of foam lor!!!!


Beer 应该是这样倒的!!!


Ok, put that 2 “Ao Kars” aside. Just when the “Ao + Chao Kar” was talking to Katek, another 2 guys from behind came over and wanted to join us too and we were like — Sure! Coz we cant wait to get rid of the initial 2!

However, me and Katek 想太多了

These 2 groups of guys actually can blend in lor! and they started talk to one another!

Katek, 你也太有魅力了吧!

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