Living Room & Arena 22.07.09

It was a last minute shopping for a Birthday Gift at Taka with Katek and we finally got a cuff link!

Followed by dinner at B1 foodcourt at about 9plus. Recalled that there was this cleaner who was practically sitting next to our table watching us finish our food! Damnit — i hate that — i hate ppl rushing me — its not closing time yet!!!!

Coming up next was Living Room @ Marriott — It was so boring…. They didnt even have like a proper menu.. Wtf? And our conclusion as to why it was named “The Lving Room” — The place was so boring but with comfortable sofa seat, and you will eventually fall asleep on the sofa just like the ones at home (in the Living Room).

Where else but Arena at our last stop! couldnt remember much for that night as there werent many pictures taken — not to mention someone banning me from posting pics.. grrrr…. 😦





The drinks


The “helpful” guy preparing for the usual toast for all


UB trying to break the bottle (by Biting?????) for 珠珠!

Oops Paiseh Katek — i think i got too close to UB in this PIC =x


And the usual craps by the both — trying to imitate MJ!


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