Yellow Jello 31.07.09

Friday night — where else but to Auto.

But we went off early and headed to Arena.

And ended up at Jello instead due to some “problems”.

But still we had a great time







With the Sotong Balls!


Katek: Wanna eat?

Me: Mai lah, fat liao leh

UB: Just eat leh

Me: Im on diet leh *Really felt like eating*

Katek: Keeps tempting me with the sotong ball

Me: Buay tahan and eat liao lah!


And i couldn’t remember what i was doing — trying to feed Katek?


And to UB: Can u please dont take a picture of me (from the back) when im using the cheapo red rubberband…?

Haiz… Kena caught for being a cheapo!

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