Quan’s Birthday Celebration 06.08.09

Received the following message from Jason on the same day at 12:50PM

“Brothers, tonight dinner at King’s Arcade, Hanabi Jap Restaurant. Room has been booked at 7pm, please try to be on time. Each pax needs to pay about 40 bucks. Birthday boy and partner no need to pay — eat wasabi can le

As usual, Jason is so crappy!




All of us — celebrating Quan’s 27th Birthday.


The Birthday Boy and partner


The Ladies


All fully equipped — including me (was taking this pic!)


The Men




Had a great time catching up with them! We were basically the noisiest and craziest in the restaurant. Customers were like screening at everyone of us when we went out for smoke breaks. So paiseh….

It was mahjong at Dannay’s place after dinner…. and Pi got a last minute suprise for the B’day Boy!


Felt so bad, we were supposed to buy a cake and cut it during dinner but too bad, miscommunication among the guys!

Anyway, happy birthday Quan!

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