Ink Club Bar + New Asia Bar 13.08.09

A Thursday night…

together with the accomplice…

@ Ink Club Bar, Fairmont Singapore


It was pretty boring when we first stepped in. The place was extremely quiet though there were small groups of people scattered round the club.

They have live band there too but i think the band is still not as good as the one at Yellow Jello.

House music sux at the initial stage but it got better later in the night — playing my favourites i.e. Akon, Lady Gaga!

Drinks were reasonably priced — 10 odds for a bottle of beer / house red. Katek had 3 bottles of Asahi and 3 house reds for me!


It was a continuation at New Asia Bar as we had a couple of friends from the States stopping over in Singapore for a night!

A crazy night it was — all thanks to the mixture of Red wine and Vodka!

A crazy night for Katek as well as the Drunkard got drunk as usual 😡

Likes the view from New Asia Bar as always — it feels good to be at the top of the world! But i hate the toilet and smoking point as it is so damn far away — had to go 2 levels down!

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