Mint Cafe 26.08.09

A Wednesday night…

With Nerdy, Janice & Pi….

The plan for the night would be chilling till 10:30pm..

But it never works for the alcoholics, as usual -_-“


First Stop: Autosports

We reached at about 8pm and we finished 4 jugs in 2 hours!!!! All because of a game — they called it “Up down Kwa Sa” — Shall play with katek this evening!


Second Stop: Mint Cafe

Picked Janice up from OCBC and off we went to Mint Cafe!

This was my first visit and i really liked the place — its cozy!


And most importantly, they offer 1-for-1 whole night long! Cool!!! They also have an outdoor smoking area and this is really convenient for smokers ! *thumbs up*





Final Stop: S Club

It was slightly after 12am when we left Mint. And i suggested another last round at S Club with Pi. And he agreed!!! Haha, another alcoholic.

Drank till 1 plus and headed home.

Another emo night 😦

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