Bark Cafe 12.09.09

A healthy Saturday night!

It has been a while since i last saw my baby cousins so it was steamboat at aunt’s place together with Dotty & Dan, Katek and Roger. The kids have all grown up and still as cute!

Drank a can of beer over dinner — Katek as well! I mean, how can alcoholics live without alcohol? I would have drank more if i wasn’t driving, damn! Who bought the beer!!!! Roger was the worst – he had 8 cans! Nothing better to do after dinner, lazing around watching tv. And Dotty decided to go home at about 11plus.

What can happen when 3 alcoholics meet?



It was round 2 at Bark Cafe! And guess what… Katek requested that i drive her to tabao half a dozen of beer coz she needs to stock up!

Sadly, it was ONLY a bottle of Asahi for me and Coke for the rest of the night at Bark… grrr…

Anyways, we didnt manage to finish the bucket of beer so we decided to takeaway the balance bottle. The staff at Bark Cafe was so thoughtful to giveaway a free bottle opener as well!


and now i present to you Silly Roger Labbit with his stupid act to end this entry


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