Joaelle’s Birthday Celebration 28.08.09

It was Katek’s 30th Birthday!


Who were there: Katek of course, UB as well, Me, Dotty, Dan, Roger, Lynne, Amanda x2, Gen, Von

Venue: Where else? …… but Autosport!


Kisses for the Birthday Gal!


A pic with “almost” everyone celebrating her Birthday — can’t seem to find any pics taken with Roger and Gen -_-“



Group pics!


These two munkees trying to be funny! Made me take 3 shots in order to get a nice pic!



SOP was a little different this time round as there were too many supporters and i had to refill twice!!!


The only male supporter


 Drink, Drank, and a little drunk — It was about 3 AM and we left Auto






It was ROUND 2 at Yellow Jello with just Katek, UB, Roger and me!

A lamborghini for Katek!


It was barely an hour at Jello and we had to leave coz they close at 4!


Summary of the day:

It was Katek’s birthday — i was so happy (as if it was my birthday celebration) and i ended up getting drunk and not her!

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