A Day at Auto 16.09.09

Was at Great World on Wednesday evening and I decided to ask Katek out for a drink as I was so stressed up with making decisions!

Reached Auto at about 9 plus and it so happened that Amanda and Lynne were there. Shirline and David whom i havent seen for ages was there as well!

It was “Up Down Kwa Sa” with Amah, Lynne and Katek; and the big loser of the day — Katek!

Halfway through the game, she called for toilet break!

And while waiting for her




Seal the cards! ()


aand see what Katek did to the coasters…!

1/4 piece of coaster = 1/4 glass, 1/2 piece = 1/2 glass

She was too full to drink — So unbelievable!!!


and the posers while waiting…


A shot with David and Shirline


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