November 21, 2009

It was a Busy Saturday — It has been a while since I’ve had my day planned ahead of time!


1st Stop: Jonal Chong Hair Salon @ Orchard Central

It has been 4 months since I last colored my hair and its time for it again! Received the following brochure and found the price really attractive! Hence, I dragged Katek along and yep I succeeded, she’s going for rebonding! Made an appointment at 5PM for both Katek and myself but I didnt reach until 6PM. =X


We spent a total of 4hours at the salon as they were shorthanded — Only a few stylists but there were many customers. I guess their promotional prices were simply too attractive! Rebonding + haircut for long hair only at $88. Color + haircut for long hair for only $58. Dirt cheap! I love my new hair color — Copper! =D

For those of you who needs a hairdo, I would recommend that you pay the salon a visit before their promotion ends — 30 Nov 09!


2nd Stop: KPO @ Killiney

Where could the alcoholic and drunkard be at this hour except at pubs?

It was my first attempt to KPO, second attempt for Katek though. 

Kinda like the place and drinks were reasonably priced — or should I say its cheap? A bucket of 6 Corona for $40 nett !? 

The only bad thing about this place is that there were no smoking tables and that they close at 1AM *mad*.

Finished our drinks at 12 midnight and we had to leave since they are gonna close at 1. Well, we would have definitely stayed throughout the night if they close at 3AM!


3rd Stop: S Club

Back to S Club a.k.a Homeground#2 (Homeground#1 = Auto). Same place, drinks, people and games.

Night ended at 3am as Katek didnt wanna go for a 3rd round @ Zinc.


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