Quan’s Wedding 04.11.09

It was Quan’s Wedding at Holiday Inn on November 4, 2009!

It was a great and disastrous night.

I finally got to catch up with MANY of my secondary school mates.

BUT it was disastrous as well b’cos I got drunk (as usual, I know). Been emo-ing since days before his wedding and eventually “exploded” after drinks =(









Simply love this girl for her non-stop nonsense — anywhere, anytime, everywhere!


@My Table


@Jump Table


@End of Dinner

A must take shot with the groom — My buddy for 13 years and counting!


@Suite, Part II

Groom was very thoughtful as he specially booked a suite solely for the bros and sis.

Complimentary 35 jugs from the groom!

The hungry ghosts! Have you seen people getting hungry right after a wedding dinner!?

That was just too much! *Burp*

Thats it! I KO-ed and fell asleep till the next afternoon, with a very bad headache!

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