Remedy for Chilli Burns 24.11.09

It was a last-minute steamboat dinner at Lynne’s place together with Dan, Dot, Nia Nia and Joey!

Whilst everyone was busy preparing the food, I volunteered to cut the chilli — I must be crazy! Not knowing how bad the chilli burn could get as it was my first attempt, I used my fingers to scrap off the seeds!

Their Reactions:

Dotty: You “siao” ah, do you know that you will get chilli burns?

Me: Really? Mummy also uses her hands to do it! Don’t think it will be that bad right?

Lynne: Dont use you hands, Ive got gloves.

Me: Aiya, nevermind lah. Should be okay.


I never knew it could turn out so bad until I started scratching my nose while we were playing mahjong — It was real hot! The next thing that came to my mind was,

“Damn, how am I supposed to remove my lenses later tonight!!!”


As soon as I reached home, I thought of soaking my fingers in lemon juice but sadly, there werent any. Thank god there was lime but not many left though — only 3!!!

3 limes are definitely not enough for soaking my fingers. Hence, I took a few pieces of cotton wool, dipped into the lime juice and wrap it round my fingers!

Innovative ya ? =)


And just in case you run out of cotton wool, try this!






I’m full of shit — I know, haha!



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One Response to Remedy for Chilli Burns 24.11.09

  1. Lots of of guys talk about this subject but you wrote down some true words!!

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