Mical & Violet’s Solemnisation, 20th December ’09

It was my bestie’s Solemnisation!

@Furama Riverfront Hotel, Waterfall Lounge!

Life is really amazing cause the couple went round in circles before they finally found one another!

I’ve known both the bride and groom since 13 and they had also known one another since then (we were from the same school and uniform group)  but they havent really communicated. It was until one night when I brought them out for drinks at Dbl O during Poly days and they started from there!

I want my 媒婆 (matchmaker) ang pow!




Bride’s bestie’s job — Giving out door gifts at the reception. But we ended up chatting away! =X

The wedding bands + Vows + Marriage Certificate = You can officially make babies!

A must-take shot with the beautiful bride

Groom’s besties – Havent seen these guys for a long time! The best part of a wedding apart from the union of two is, you get to catch up with many old friends!


Bride’s besties

A combi of Bride and Groom’s besties!

“Two lives joined together, two hearts beat as one

As you begin your life together…

May all your days be filled with love

& may all your dreams come true.”


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