Perth Trip, 9th – 13th December ’09

Yay! It was a short trip to Perth in December — 3 days! Am glad that it  finally happened as it I was pretty disappointed when it was postponed from November due to some “reasons”. This was the furthest I’ve travelled in 27yrs of my life!

It was a very last minute trip —  was confirmed just one day before I flew off.  And yea, this explains the super expensive ticket I’ve paid for — SGD 1200 — On Jetstar! But that’s okay, there’s always a price to pay for something I really wanted.

Off I went… To Australia! It was an evening flight departing at 5pm and arriving at 11:10pm — ugly timing!  This was the first time I took a flight all by myself — pretty boring in fact!

@Boring Flight

Awful $27.00 Dinner on board — excludes bottle of water!

Finally on the ground after a 5hr boring flight — but it was worthwhile!

A warm welcome !  

1st night at Hyatt

Hotel lounge had already closed when I reached — Alcoholics had to drink from Minibar — Wine was extrememly nice — Love it.    

Day 2

Off we went to Yallingup and stopping by at some beaches along the way. Can’t remember the names of the beaches though coz I didn’t take any photos but I think we did stop at one of the beaches along Banbury — Had lunch at a very nice cafe!

Finally arrived in Yallingup after hours of drive from Perth.

Fully equipped kitchen with microwave oven, dishwasher (but I dont know how to operate it!), washing machine (never got to use it coz trip was too short), etc …

The living hall.
Living Hall
Toilet — forgot to take a pic of the bath tub!

And now.. My favourite Spot! Balcony/Smoking Corner!

Views from the Balcony (From left to right)

Pretty much done with the introduction for accommodation.   Went out for  sight seeing after a little rest.. Cant remember where I’ve been to though. The only thing that I could recall during the trip were the flies — they are everywhere. You could basically see everyone using their hands to shoo off the flies like a national salute!

Dinner for the night — Salads and Pizza

Drinks for the night — Wine + Beer

Nice Refreshing Beer, Blue Tongue Lager. I doubt I will buy this off the shelf (if I havent tried it before) because of the picture! Will you?

Day 3

@Dunsborough @Yallingup

Cooling my feets! =)

Dinner @ Margaret River

Loves the firewood oven. Too bad we had pizza for dinner the night before, else I’ll definitely order one!

Day 4


Summary of trip:It was a very relaxing trip to Perth but there’s nothing much apart from sight seeing in the day and drinking at night.

Alcohol  is so cheap in Aussie, you can easily get a bottle of wine for less than 20bucks! Love it.

Hates the huge portions of food served though — could only finish 1/2 of whatever is served — how i wished they served kid size.

Oh yea, and the irritating flies — hate it!

All was well in general till the very last evening — anyway it’s over — things have changed for the better!

Hurray! I’m glad I made it for this trip!

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